• Braiding Western and Cultural Education
  • Native American Scholarships
  • Native American Colleges and University Transfer
  • Native Guest Speakers
  • SRJC Native American Studies Courses, AA Major and Transfer


  • COUN 270: Introduction to College
    An introduction to Santa Rosa Junior College that includes programs, services, policies, degrees, certificates, transfer requirements, and college culture. Focus will be on strategies needed for academic success and the development of an academic plan. 

  • COUN 60: Effective Study Workshop (1 Unit)
    This course will assist students in improving their study skills. Topics include goal identification, organizing study habits, how to read and study textbooks, take effective notes, how to prepare for and take examinations, and the efficient use of the library. Course covers the total development of the individual and attitudes toward academic and personal problem solving. 

  • CI 51: Community Engagement (.50 Unit to 1 Unit)
    Students will earn credit for volunteering in the community in this experiential learning course. Students will volunteer 52.50 hours per unit per semester for 0.5-3.0 units of credit at a variety of placements including clinics, hospitals, convalescent homes, schools, animal-care facilities, recreation programs, day care centers, and various non-profit organizations. The instructor will assist students in locating leads for volunteer opportunities.